Belgian Tervuren of Distinction 


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F & G Litters
DOB: 2001 and 2002 

Ch Joffrey Du Parc Du Montfleury  x  Ch Chateau Blanc's Desert Wind HXC

H Litter
DOB: 06/03/2004 

Ch Prelude's Beau Geste  x  Ch Chateau Blanc's En Avant CD

I Litter
DOB: 03/04/2005 

Ch Starwinds Indiana Jones C-BAR x Ch Chateau Blanc's Diva CDX RN PT OA AXJ

J Litter
DOB: 03/30/2005 

Ch Chateau Blanc's Evening Star  x  Ch Chateau Blanc's Flicka

K Litter
DOB: 12/20/2007 

​BISS Ch. Timberwind's DreamKeeper CD, TD, RN, CGC, HIC  x  Ch Chateau Blanc's Jessie CD RN

L Litter
DOB: 10/17/2008 

DC Chateau Blanc's Gold Reserve CD RN  x  Ch Timberwind's Take To The Sky CD TD C-BAR

M Litter
DOB: 02/25/2009 

Ch Rockaways Southern Comfort CD RN HT  x  Ch Chateau Blanc's I'm Coyote Trouble RAE HT AXJ NAP NJP OF VCD1

N Litter
DOB: 06/04/2010 

Versace van Moned  x  Ch Chateau Blanc's Jessie CD RN

O Litter
DOB: 05/28/2012 

GCH./CT. Reveille of Anduin  x  GrCh. Chateau Blanc's Majority Rules